Teaching Contents of the Academy

Comprehensive violinistic development
Expression and violin virtuosity in the 19th/20th century
and future developmental opportunities ; inner aspects of virtuosity
Playing with cutgat strings and its potential development.
The philosophical and Goethean scientific views of Siegfried Eberhardt
and the complementary humanities (Anthroposophy)
(In the views held by Siegfried Eberhardt the Violin Academy sees an affinity
to Valborg Svärdström-Werbeck, who founded the Schule der Stimmenthüllung with
the help of Rudolf Steiner)
Pictorial language, Fantasy and physical movements in violin pedagogy.
Teaching beginners one-to-one and in groups.
Pedagogy and didactics
Melody and breathing
Living rhythm
The incarnation of harmony
The developmental progress of the ‘Theory of Harmony’ in our day and age
(Hermann Beckh, Oberkogler, Raimund Schwedeler)
Standard pitch and individual intonation
The elements fire, water, air, earth and ether
The planets and their influence
Zodiacal influences


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